Architectural Studio
residential house

This house of 750 m2 has been designed and built in Khlebnikovo area on a land of 2500 m2.

All customers’ desires and wishes were taken into consideration. Both windows of kitchen and adjoining warm terrace had to face the entrance gate and driveway. The garage adjoins the house, with access both to the house itself and to utility rooms.

The dining room has a semi-circular glazed bay window with daylong access of sunlight. Sliding doors close / open the living room space with a study on one side and a dining room on the other side.

The style of the house was inspired by the European architecture of 1930’es. The staircase with a large corner window, elegant smooth lines of fences and railings is our particular pride.

We’ve also designed a free-standing pavilion for receiving guests, having parties or just for possibility of privacy.